What Is #NoBadMind🚫?

This is a movement I created when experiencing negative energy whilst living everyday life. I realised that some people are around just to disrupt your energy and lower your vibration. People like this are called "Bad Mind" which is a phrase founded in Jamaica.

This could be people you work with, people disguised as friends or sometimes even family members.

When it comes to my personality I admitidly have a pretty short temper, meaning depending on what a person does I may lash out. I realised some people want you to lash out on purpose so they can pin something on you, which is Bad Mind.

As a person whos is working on a mission, I've realised I need to keep myself focused and not waste my time on bad mind people. Most of the time they don't have any direction in life and they just want you to join them. I heard a saying that said "Don't get sidetracked by people who aren't on track".

If you have a purpose in life whether its related to business, providing for your family, music or work related, make sure you spot out bad mind people and remove yourself from the situation so you can continue to fulfill your purpose.

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